New in the Library: To Be Perfectly Honest by Phil Calloway

Humorist Phil Calloway accepted a challenge from his editor:  be perfectly honest for an entire year and write about the experience.  The resulting book is profound, hysterical, convicting and just plain fun.

Follow Phil to his class reunion, where everyone confesses to high school pranks now that the statute of limitations is past.  Read his online correspondence with an atheist at Post-Rapture Pet Care.  Listen in as he deals with Mormon missionaries, self-righteous ushers and non-Christian golf buddies.  Phil doesn’t manage to be perfectly honest—he’s human, after all—but everyone can identify with his struggles.

In the course of the year, Phil encounters some very non-humorous situations and asks God some honest questions.  Friends with cancer, his mother’s dementia and a bad investment are just a few of the trials Phil faces during his year of complete honesty.

Along with the humor, the reader is invite to consider just how honest we are with God.  For example, as the congregation sings that they feel like dancing, nobody actually dances.  Read this book and see if you are willing to try the challenge as well.

Review by Kimberly Schimmel, who received this book for free from Multnomah Publishers for this review.

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