The Tehran Initiative: Another Rosenberg Thriller

The Tehran Initiative is volume two in Joel C. Rosenberg’s new thriller series.  Like his previous novels (The Last Jihad and its sequels) this book will keep you awake at night because you can’t stop reading.  David Shirazi, the main character, is sent back to Iran to stop a nuclear threat that could cause worldwide disaster.  David must also deal with family problems, e.g. he can’t explain that his failure to stay at his dying mother’s bedside is due to his duties as a CIA operative.  Along the way, a woman from his past comes back into his life.  Again, David can’t tell her what he really does for a living.

As David uncovers secrets right and left, he also confronts Issa (Jesus.)  Why are devout Muslims turning to Issa and working against the Twelfth Imam?  Will David join them?

Rosenberg does an excellent job of putting a human face on all his characters, from the terrorists to the hospitable, peace-loving Muslims to the CIA operatives.  They all have human struggles behind their political and religious beliefs.  Rosenberg treats all cultures with respect, avoiding a simplistic view that one side is always good and the other always evil.

Readers who enjoyed Rosenberg’s previous series will not be disappointed with The Twelfth Imam and The Tehran Initiative.  Volume three in the series is scheduled for 2013.


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