Unplanned: Available in the Library Now

Abby Johnson was looking for a worthy volunteer activity when she was a college student.  Instead, she found Planned Parenthood.  Now this brave lady dares to give an honest account of her days at a busy abortion facility.  She gives a human face to the “pro-choice” lobby by explaining how she got involved, how deeply committed she was, and how she suffered through her own abortion after believing the lie that a drug-induced abortion was easy.  The reader also gets to meet those people in Abby’s life who loved her while disapproving of her work (parents, husband, and many sidewalk counselors.)

Abby takes us through her doubts, her escape from Planned Parenthood, and her subsequent persecution by the organization she had once served and defended with great devotion.  The pro-life movement needs to hear about her experiences. We need to see ourselves as outsiders do, so we can better pray for them and meet their real needs.  Abby’s story reminds us that Jesus saves and we must remain faithful witnesses in defense of the babies and mothers at risk daily.

More info:  http://www.tyndale.com/Unplanned/9781414339405

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