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New Library Book: The Touch by Randall Wallace

Tyndale House Publishers

The Touch by Randall Wallace was a story of the highest quality. This is not surprising, since Wallace gave us the screenplay for “Braveheart.” This work of fiction explores faith and love through the lives of characters who work in the life-and-death realm of neurosurgery.

A gifted surgeon fears he has lost “the touch” when he loses the love of his life. Another gifted surgeon several states away is struggling to solve a surgical problem that seems humanly impossible. Can these two help each other and put their fears behind them?

I especially enjoyed the way Wallace wove into the story the fresco done by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel—the famous image of “the touch” of God.


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My Imaginary Jesus

Read this book only if you are prepared to confront your own imaginary Jesus and look for the real Jesus. This book is hilariously serious–which seems absurd until you actually read the book. Matt’s honest account of his struggles was not unlike my own–the struggle we all have between wanting a nice, comfortable Jesus that doesn’t demand too much and needing the real Jesus who gives us life and demands everything.

Reviewed by Kimberly Schimmel, who received a free review copy of this book from Tyndale House

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